The ultimate fuel additive, Cataclean® cleans, restores and protects the entire engine, fuel and exhaust system.

Pour into your fuel tank every 3 months (or every 4,800 miles) and Cataclean® will remove harmful carbon and resin deposits. With long-term use, Cataclean® can protect against build-up and clogging, which can prevent failure of your engine and exhaust system components.

Cataclean® can help your MOT inspection by reducing emissions by up to 60% – this can make the difference between approval and disapproval.

Cataclean® increases KPL (kilometers per liter) and saves you money on your fuel. And by using Cataclean®, you don’t have to use premium fuel, saving even more.

Cataclean® improves horsepower, torque and throttle response, improving overall vehicle performance.